Two industrial style houses with a colorful twist

Two industrial style houses, but with a twist. Each of these chic industrial interiors, designed and visualized by Sens Studio, has been infused with a myriad of unexpected cheerful colors. The rough gray concrete and cinder block walls, as well as the neutral floors, create an environment conducive to punching bright yellow, shades of green, blue accents and warm orange. The neutral canvases make it possible to correctly present the most luminous declarations and offer them the possibility to breathe. Ventilation ducts and the expected light paths draw lines above the ceilings to create the right atmosphere, while modern suspensions and elegant furniture enhance the image of the home.

Cool concrete walls stand behind a modern two-tone sofa in the open-plan living room of our first home. Perpendicular to a textured gray sofa, a mustard yellow sofa stretches to separate the floor area between the living room and the dining room. A small side table is finished in a bright yellow shade to enhance the look.

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