Small interior spaces of apartments of less than 50 square meters (540 square feet) with layout

Three apartment layouts of less than 50 square meters (540 square feet), all with glass decoration for the bedrooms and an inspiration for different features. Our first tour is to renovate a small apartment, with floor plans before and after shared at the end. The glass-walled room fills a corner near the window, behind an almost undetectable screen. The number two studio characterizes its glass room by framing it in black and coloring its decor with the kitchen. The neutral chamber of house three lies quietly behind elegant folding glass doors; it is also the only one to incorporate an adjoining bathroom configuration, which is placed behind its own glass wall

The first small studio is located in Arcadia. Odessa. As the sleeping area has been positioned near the window, a glass wall separating the bedroom from the living room allows to share the natural light between the two areas.

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