Intense neoclassical interior with cobalt and emerald accents

Emerald and cobalt accents cross this dark gray dramatic canvas with a neoclassical style. Moments of raw concrete cool some utilitarian soils, while rich natural wood tone elements provide pleasant warmth, while metallic materials add luxurious shine. The open-plan interior, visualized by Oleg Tyrnov, is an arrangement of bold contrasts. Contemporary furniture and sleek kitchen design clash with walls covered with classic panel moldings. Unique ceiling lights descend on the sophisticated dark stage with a dazzling plume. Blue battles with green for domination. With another and another decor feature to expect at every turn, it is an intense interior.

The bright blue cobalt strikes in the center of an open space, in the form of a modern sofa. The strong hue disrupts a dark charcoal bottom and the soft wood grain that surrounds it.

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