Beach House minimalism

This is a project built on contrast, carefully created by Cartelle Design. The young married owners of Milan, Italy, presented two very different tastes in terms of interior. The clash of tastes between the two partners has forced the team of designers to look for a way to combine a cool minimalism with a chic and cozy country style. It was important for the owners that the interior retains this particular summer atmosphere on the lake. It was therefore decided that warm natural wood and soft texture would be associated with cold technological functionality. The result is a bright, practical and practical space with charming touches of beach house and character.

The house has an area of ​​112 square meters, the largest part being assigned to a spacious and open family room. This common space is divided into two floors, with a modification of the flooring materials accentuating the zoning. Natural wood defines the elevated floor level of the warm living room area, while the cool gray large format tile covers the kitchen floor.

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