A beautifully gray apartment of a blogger in Ukraine

Cityscapes glitter beyond the windows of this 78.07 square meter apartment, owned by a blogger based in Kiev, Ukraine. The dark and sophisticated living space has been designed and visualized by Home Cult. It’s a design that explores creative lighting solutions, accentuating modern furniture and textured walls, and bringing a whole new dimension to decor. The bedroom, in particular, features a unique slatted wall design that incorporates LEDs inside for a sensational effect. You can also find a home office configured for a perfect sound recording, incorporating sound absorption panels, to facilitate the creation of videos and podcasts on YouTube.

Modern rail lights shine around the ceiling of a living room / dining combo. Perimeter LEDs illuminate a black marble wall and wood effect behind the living room sofa. LED lamps under the cupboards cut a kitchen to a single wall.

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